EMI JAY Flat Brush in VIRGO

2,890 ฿
By Emi Jay
Meet our Flat Brush, where dual bristles work together to create a styling masterpiece. This brush is crafted with precision and features a harmonious blend of nylon bristles for effortless detangling, complemented by boar bristles that provide a glossy finish and help banish flyaways. It effortlessly adapts to the needs of any hair type, making it the ultimate everyday essential for those seeking a flawless and elevated hair care experience.

• Color: Virgo
• Organic Bamboo and Cellulose Acetate
• Dimensions: 9 ¼” x 1 ½ x 3”
• Due to hygienic reasons this item is final sale. We are unable to accept any returns

Care Instructions: To clean these brushes, use a soft-bristled brush/toothbrush or cloth to remove any tangles and dirt gently. You can get them wet by dipping them in warm soapy water, but ensure that you dry them thoroughly face down. You should not soak or fully submerge wooden, boar bristle or bamboo brushes in water as they can absorb the water and warp or break apart.